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MC11 Six Advantage of the  MC11 engine

Long service life:  The engine block is made of compact graphite cast iron, and the connecting rod and crankshaft holes adopt the advanced cracking technology, which enables the B10 life of 1,500,000 km. And cylinder block is of the gantry structure, which increases the rigidity and strength of the engine dramatically,
Lowel fuel consumption: wide range of economic speed and low fuel consumption of 186 g/kWh
Strong power: max, torque of 2,100 Nm, and maximized output torque of the same displacement level
Light weight: modular design, and 25% parts decreased. MC11 dead weight: 995 kg.
Low noise: The rear timing drive gear reduces additional load due to the torsinal vibration of the drive gear and the gear, the intermediate gear of the compressor of the "scissor" coaxial gear structure, eliminating gear clearance and reducing heavy load striking force with low noise.
Good sealing: The cylinder head integrated with the intake manifold reduces poor sealing. The cylinder block and head have their own coolant circuits, greatly improving the sealing thereof.


Four highlights of the MC07 engine: low fuel consumption, light, weight, high power per liter and high realibilty

MC07- Advanced technology and performance of the MC07 engine
Four-valve + central fuel injector + super-wide range economic speed (1,200- 1,800 r/min) = fuel saving.
New high- strength materials + modular design = engine block structure simplified and the engine weight reduced
The second - generation Bosch electronically controlled common rail seven-port direct injection technology, ensuring more uniform spray mist + turbocharger equipped with the intake cooling function, improving charge efficiency = the power per liter significantly improved.
Gantry cylinder block + without cylinder liner (for some models) + connecting rod cracking techonoloy = the B10 life of 800,000 km achieved for the engine.


Main configuration parameters of MC  series engine

Model MC05 MC07 MC11 MC13
Type Inline, 4-cylinder, water cooled,turbochaged and intercooled Inline, 6-cylinder, water cooled,turbochaged and intercooled Inline, 6-cylinder, water cooled,turbochaged and intercooled
Inline, 6-cylinder, water cooled,turbochaged and intercooled
Fuel Injection mode BOSCH Common rail
Bore x stroke (mm) 108x125 108x125 120x155 126x166
Displacement 4.58 6.87 10.518 12.419
Compression ration 16.5:1 19:1
Rated power/spread (Ps/rpm) 140-206/2400 206-340/2300 310-440/1900 480-540/1900
Maximum Torque (Nm) 535-830 830-1250 1600-2100 2300-2500
Emission standard Euro III - Euro V
Fuel Diesel
Flywheel housing SAE1, SAE2 SAE1
Post process mode (Euro IV, Euro V) SCR